Maltese Fire is a one-man show hand crafting unique or even custom laser cut items catered to the firefighting service men and women.  My unique creation of my firefighter clock spawned even more ideas and decided to share my pieces with the world.  I have pre-made designs or I can cut you a custom piece.

I am a former volunteer fireman and have the highest respect for all of those who put their lives on the line and lose sleep everyday just trying to protect the rest of us.  Firefighters are true heroes in my book.

I wanted to create something you or your loved ones could proudly hang on the wall and display with pride.  My original design has two variations to choose from and more coming soon, depending on your taste.  I have other pieces in the store that are not firefighter related because I just love designing new stuff.

I powder coat all the clocks and most others so they will stand the test of time and are built tough, just like the equipment the firemen and women use every day.  This is real steel, two layers, in every clock that get riveted together with stainless rivets.  The micro movement (clock part) is a Takane brand.  All metal cut, powder coated, and assembled is done in the USA.  Not into clocks?  I have other options as well.  Take a look around and see what I have to offer.  Thank you for your visiting.

On a side not,  this is my hobby.  I work a regular full-time job during the day and have very little time to devote to this hobby-turned-business.  I do the best I can and still catch crap from the wife lol.  Custom designs can take me a good while to get done as well.  Being that this is my hobby and I am not Warren Buffett, I do not have unlimited funds to stock hundreds of every part you see in the store.  I do strive for a fast turn-around, but sometimes things do not go my way.  Just recently, my powder coating guys I use dicked me around and it took 4 weeks to get my 19 pieces from them.  Unacceptable and unavoidable at times.  I already have listed on every item in the store about shipment taking 4-6 weeks if the item is out of stock to cover my back side.  Please understand why it is necessary for me to do this.  If you have to wait longer than you want, I hope I make it up to you in the quality product you receive from me.  I take pride in all that I create and enjoy it tremendously.  Thank you for reading all of these ramblings and taking the time to get to know the behind the scenes aspect a little more.